I’m back, update.

So as everyone knows I have had MS since 2001 at 15, one of the youngest cases in Florida at the times. Well I’ve seeing a natural doctor and she was able confidently say I have brain trauma as well before the MS. I had a really bad car accident when I was about 9 and even though they checked me after the accident. Technology wasn’t all that great to detect or see the issues. I was also born with a few genetic disorders, one of which is a opioid receptor that doesn’t function properly and high glutamate in the brain.

I’m on a few supplements but really going through a ton of pain here in Florida. Will be moving back to California maybe in February and things should be a little better.

This pain causes not so great thoughts then being stuck in a room all day is not much fun. I know there are tons of you struggling as well. I highly recommend cbd oil, it’s for the most part legal but do research on company before you buy. The ones I’ve used locally were nowhere as good as the company I use online and its it’s cheaper, delivered discreetly to my door.

The best for my symptoms is this patented 10x pure oil that they just released. Its expensive but I’m happy I bought it, few drops under my tongue and the pain is tolerable and cbd does something mentally that’s hard to explain. No high but it seems like it helps me think more clearly and takes that foggy cloud out of my head. As a result I’m in a way better mood on cbd. Feel free to ask any questions, this is currently one of my main go to supplements.

I’m interested to hear from others as to brands they use and relief they receive as well as strengths in mg. I really appreciate it and I promise to respond to any questions.

Here is a link to CTFO (changing the future outcomes) price and quality plus service are my favorite.

Loss is never easy to handle..

After seeing a person I love dearly battle brain cancer and pass away, it takes something out of you. Not just any person, an earth Angel, a person that made everyone around her better and a smile that would flip any frown. I believe she was truly an Angel that was given her wings last week Monday. Our sweet Vanessa is no longer with us physically but what she had taught will never be forgotten. She was one of the nicest people ever to me and the only person I could talk to after losing my dad. They say you never appreciate the good things till it’s gone and its kind of true. I did appreciate every second I got to know you and spend with you in the our short 3 year friendship. Time is not the judging factor in real friendship or family, it’s the ones that show up and show they care without judgement. I didn’t just lose the best friend I could’ve asked for but the world lost a unique soul that showed love and a different kind of beauty in this cold world.

It’s been a really tough time with all going on with my health and losing her. I will update very soon on my condition and on our new gorgeous Angel vanessa.

So for quick update Brain trauma is present and I have few genetic issues. Will edit errors soon.