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Secondary progressive MS

Here’s an update for my friends and family. I waited till after the holidays to tell my mom so didn’t share with too many people. My MS has progressed to secondary progressive MS, neurologist said it could’ve happened a few years ago and that’s why I can’t get better. Last MRI showed no new damage so the stem cell procedure could’ve slowed it down. There is only one drug to treat SPMS called ocrevus and it does not reverse, just slows progression in some. I’m far from giving up and will find a way to beat this again. My inspiration has beat cancer once and doing it again right now! Never give up.

Sorry I haven’t been active.

I’ve had a couple injuries and increased pain over the holidays. This has been one of the most painful and limited movement holidays so far. Florida weather makes pain worse and increases inflammation. Having a chronic illness at any time is not easy but during a time with the family, not making events is sometimes our only option. We can’t feel bad because pain cant be seen and many of our symptoms are invisible to others but very real to us. For those having a hard time getting through I highly recommend 5-HTP 50mg in the smaller doses because personally never take more than 200mg per day and i found the 50mg to be the perfect dose for me.

Since i’m having a hard time right I will probably start updating regularly next week. If anyone has questions or want to just talk about anything, feel free to comment. I’ve been at war with MS for over 16 years and happy to help anyone I can.

All the best for the New Year everyone!